Galaxy J6 Plus cover: list brings together five options for Samsung mobile

The Galaxy J6 Plus is an intermediate cell phone from Samsung. Announced in November 2018 with the launch price of $ 1,399, the smartphone with 6-inch screen and dimensions of 76.9 x 161.4 x 7.9 mm has several options of covers that promise more resistance and even a different look to the phone. Check out, next, five layers for the J6 Plus.

1. Military certification

The Armor line, from Gorilla Shield, is known for its high strength. The sheep are made under the international military certification, which gives them durability even in great falls or under extreme conditions. Play Store pro The sides have anti-slip material to prevent the cell from slipping out of your hands and splash protection.

Another interesting feature is the cover, which comes with a strap on the back for the phone to stand up, making it easy to watch videos. The version compatible with the Galaxy J6 Plus is available in gray and is sold by the Gorilla Shield store itself for around $ 80.

2. Animated cartoon

Cartoon fans find several options to honor their favorite characters with MyCase covers. Among the various prints, you can find illustrations of The Simpsons and Minions, for example. The case is made of soft TPU, which offers protection against falling, scratches, and dirt. The model is sold for about R $ 30 in the national retail.

3. 360 degrees

The 360-degree magnetic hood is suitable for those seeking protection on all sides of the Galaxy J6 Plus. It is made of tough material glass on the back and front, which connect through a metal border with magnets.

The two parts can be closed and opened by either side. The edge finish is available in the black, silver and red colors, accompanying the variants of the J6 Plus itself. The 360º case is priced around $ 90.

4. Kit with glass film

If you want to give the screen of the Galaxy J6 Plus definitive protection, a glass film may be the best option. It is a cheaper alternative and can still accompany a TPU cover to protect the rear, such as the kit manufactured by Army shield. The set with hood in the color smoked and film of 0,33 mm thick costs about R $ 25 in the retail.

5. Wallet

The Haston wallet is a solution for those who want to save space. Clash of Clans Private Servers. In addition to the slot for the Galaxy J6 Plus, the case features three credit card openings and a banknote compartment, with no need for a separate wallet. The body has leather-like synthetic material and has support for the cell to stand alone. In the national e-commerce, the model is priced at around $ 27.

Telemarketing calls are a nuisance to most consumers: in a study done by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), 92.5% of the respondents said they received unwanted calls. Despite the high volume, only 11.2% of those interviewed said they had contacted a consumer protection agency to report their dissatisfaction.

The figures are part of a study sponsored by Senacon, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, with more than 3,000 people consulted in April 2019. According to the agency, the objective is to track the discontent of Brazilians with this type of practice.

According to the study, 65% of respondents report receiving more than ten leads per week. The survey also looked at how these calls made: 48.7% of incoming phone calls are made by some kind of automated system, which is commonly called a “robot” by the public. In addition, in 46.9% of calls, the telemarketer offers the purchase of some type of product or service.

According to Luciano Timm, secretary of Senacon, the objective of the research is to establish a parameter for a possible regulation of the telemarketing sector, so that it is possible to create, for example, some type of register for those who no longer want to receive calls, the U.S. The research was conducted through the be between 10 and 30 April 2019.

5 DIY tips for office

DIY, which translates to “do it yourself,” has fallen on people’s tastes and increasingly encourages the making of their own unique, personality-filled items. Nowadays there are thousands of tutorials on the internet, from the simplest ones teaching how to create small

DIY, which translates to “do it yourself,” has fallen on people’s tastes and increasingly encourages the making of their own unique, personality-filled items. Nowadays, there are thousands of tutorials on the internet, from the simplest ones teaching how to create small crafts and uncomplicated pieces for everyday use, to the more complex tutorials that guide the creation of more elaborate objects that teach until even to build some furniture for your home.

Putting your hand in the dough to build things that will be useful in your day helps you work the creativity and also adds to your home a special touch with items that no one else has the same. Each DIY made has the personality of those who made it printed and you can always adapt to stay according to your taste by choosing the colors, prints, and textures you desire.

Today the tip is to increase the items in your office, whether at home or in the company. Bangla Romantic SMS. The indications range from organizing items to decorative items, in addition to the usual and extremely handy to leave scraps and reminders with the tasks of the day. Check out five special tips to leave the environment with your face.

Tip 1: Pegboards, panels that help optimize space and organize the environment

Pegboards are thin wood panels that come with holes all the way down and that should be attached to the wall. In them, it is possible to fit iron brackets and hooks to hang items or even use the holes to attach some items to the panel. This type of organization board is ideal for gaining space in smaller offices or even the makeshift ones at home. You can hang items like scissors, pens to store pens, rulers and other office accessories.

This idea is legal not only for offices but also for organizing gardening, sewing, costume jewelry, among others. To customize your face, use an ink spray of your choice and make the panel match the decor of the room.

Tip 2: Clipboards, a drop-down schedule allied to the tasks and activities of the day

How about using that clipboard that’s leaning in the house to create a kind of agenda? The clipboards give a super special charm to the office because it has the face of this kind of environment. If you do not want to stick the walls to put your own, you can use a double-sided tape well resistant. This will help preserve the tincture of the wall as well as ensuring that you can easily remove the clipboard when you no longer want to use it. This media is for scraps and reminders as well as for photos and notebooks.

Tip 3: Corkboard, ideal for attaching important documents and reminders

Dope Wallpaper Another great way to organize ideas and attach documents and scraps are the cork panels. You can buy bed bugs and color pins and assorted models to hold everything that is important to remember that week. You can also set up a large calendar, which occupies all the space of the panel with a piece of paper. In it, you can split the days of the week in addition to filling in the dates and use to note the important meetings and meetings you will have during that month.

If you want to distribute the reminders in post its, you can also insert some photos that you like or inspiring images that help you to work better and with more disposition. Create a comfortable environment that makes you feel good working at all times.

Tip 4: Desk holders for organizing table items with practicality and low cost

How about picking up the corn, pea, and vegetable bottles and reuse to organize the pens, pencils, and markers on the table? After using the inside contents of the can, wash it thoroughly and have sandpaper in hand to remove the dangerous tips that remain on the edges after opening the can. A day to decorate and cover everything first with a uniform color using colored spray. Good Morning msg After that, you can use more colors to create artistic compositions or even coat the can with some kind of colored and adhesive paper. That way, you save and help the environment by reusing products that would go to waste.

Tip 5: Custom Notebooks and Notepads

This tip is super easy, cheap and practical. You will need only a notebook or notepad (you can use the one you have not finished writing on every page or buy a cheap one), contact paper of the color or pattern of your choice and scissors. Just measure the contact paper on the cover and back cover of the notebook, cut out and then paste. If necessary, use a ruler to “smooth” the paper without leaving bubbles.