Reasons Why Makassar Can Be Your Ideal Place You’ve Not Heard Of

Makassar is the most fantastic city in Sulawesi Island. It has also been the dominant center of commerce in southern Indonesia as the 16th century. Initially dominated by seafaring sultans and celebrity princes, Makassar became the center of the spice trade.

There are many reasons for visiting Makassar would probably be unlike any other destination you have already been to. Here are five reasons Makassar is the ideal place you have never discovered.

1. As You Are The Only Tourist Wherever You Move

We had the opportunity to venture out and explore the city on our own. I make it seem as though I had a decision. However, this place is really where tour guides do not exist. And I couldn’t have been happier.

Seeing a touristy city then whining everywhere is too touristy is like visiting USS and saying you want someplace which looks less like a theme park. Travelers today are looking for more authentic local experiences, and Makassar gives you precisely that. You can’t visit tourist traps even in case you want to since there aren’t any.

It was astounding to find ourselves as the only tourists anywhere we went. No rowdy tour excursions are interrupting the serenity of the second. No random tourists are bumbling into your photographs. It was just like being on our very own personal holiday with the town of Makassar, enjoying the host. We weren’t just traveling. We had been on experience.

2. To visit the historical Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam was the bastion of Dutch colonial authority in Makassar as the 1600s. It functioned as a trading outpost, and within the partitions, Sulawesi trade flourished for hundreds of years.

Several museums are set here priced at roughly $1+SGD, which will teach you about Makassar and its folks. There were several locals here using this place as a chill-out zone, and they tried to converse together in Japanese. I started to question when was the last time a Singaporean came here.

Entry into your area is “free,” together with the charge being a tip of your preferred amount. It was here we discovered just how big the learning culture is in Indonesia. You’re likely to tip for all help you get. Along with the tips aren’t small. So either be ready to pay or firmly refuse all help from guides.

3. To Find the floating mosque

Losari shore or “Pantai (shore ) Losari” includes a dynamic stretch of action bursting with locals. Though it’s over the coast, there is no direct access to the beach, so it is only a boardwalk. The important landmark here is the floating mosque, which will seem from several angles like it is floating around the water.

It’s where sailors come to unwind. Keep a watch for”Pisang Epe” here, a conventional Makassar food produced from banana with chocolate. Also, watch out for the Hollywood-esque signage and town statutes.

4. Visit the Kampong next to the city

Pasir Putih is an island that a 15-minute boat trip from Losari beach. It is so unknown that the internet does not know it exists. Fans likely turn down the offer to see this island out of promoters at Losari Beach since they can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia well enough to understand. This juxtaposition of town and Kampong reminded me of Pulau Ubin, except for the flourishing kampong community here with free-roaming farm animals.

5. To Go to a Tea Plantations from the clouds

The trip to Malino had its fair share of winding and narrow roads, which compelled the 90km trip feel longer than it was. When you reach the plantations and begin your ascent up the hill, you will continuously feel tempted to stop and take in the view. Please don’t do it. Your patience will shortly be rewarded. It will undoubtedly soon be an exhilarating moment once you finally step out of your car and take a deep breath of the fresh air near the top of Malino.

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